Best 2000 piece puzzles

2000 piece puzzles

2000 piece puzzles are jigsaw puzzles made up of 2000 individual pieces that slot in place to reveal the correct image or photo. Every single piece is required to fit one another to reach the end result.

They can differ in dimensions and sizes of the overall picture but 2000 pieces are needed. Jigsaw puzzles constructed from 2000 separate pieces can be anything of interest. From maps, landscapes, people and animals to well known characters and children’s puzzles. The image can be extremely detailed and complex aimed towards true fans of the topic or it can be very simple.

The most popular 2000 piece puzzle manufacturers are: Ravensburger, Buffalo Games, Educa and Haye.

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How are the puzzles with 2000 pieces made?

Most modern 2000 piece puzzles are made from paperboard. The puzzle is a picture mounted onto a thin background like wood or cardboard. The picture is then cut into 2000 pieces to be resembled. Each piece must be uniquely shaped to avoid confusion of fitting too many pieces on the board. It has to fit perfectly to make the original picture.

In 1762, John Spilsbury was known for gluing maps onto boards of wood, this was the first development of jigsaw puzzles. Others then turned to appeal to those not interested in maps. We now have puzzles to suit everyone’s interests.

The artwork is constantly changing and developing on jigsaw puzzles. These puzzles can even be in an online form or three dimensional. However, a traditional puzzle never goes a miss.

Puzzles are made for anyone

Although 2000 pieces may be complex for children, it does not mean everyone cannot get involved. 2000 piece puzzles can help adults, young teens and the elderly also in taking their minds off their daily lives to put their focus elsewhere. It can be fun for all participating because it does not have to be a one person activity.

Benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles

The purpose of 2000 piece jigsaw puzzles are to encourage mindfulness and can be a way to distress. It can positively affect our mood due to its relaxing and satisfying nature. The feeling of achievement at the end is also extremely positive. It is also a mental workout using your problem solving skills, it is exercising both parts of your brain and improves attention span. There is no surprise that Bill Gates is a puzzle enthusiast!

It is also proven to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s in that brain training activities reduce the amount of brain cell damage that can occur in those who suffer with Alzheimer’s. Jigsaw puzzles can also reduce heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate. Also improving motor skills, vision and perception. Which means a 2000 piece puzzle holds great physical benefits, as well as mental.

Relief yourself with a puzzle

A 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle can keep yourself occupied and give an individual some alone time or conversely improve family relationships. Puzzles are very social and can involve your friends and all the family, it is an invitation to participate whilst having a great time doing so. It is also a great chance to escape the digital word in giving a much needed break.

There’s no denying the wide range of proven benefits of completing a 2000 piece puzzle.