Harry Potter Puzzles

Harry Potter Puzzles

It is a type of Jigsaw puzzle that consists of two-dimensional pieces that are assembled to produce a complete picture. Puzzles featuring Harry Potter have dramatic design that captures a lot of the villains and heroes from the original Harry Potter stories. It is based on the artwork and movie stills from the original style guide, the puzzle transports people through the magical world of Harry Potter, from Hogsmeade to Diagon Alley to Hogwarts and beyond.

There are beautiful epic depictions of many legendary scenes from the original stories. People can create their own magic and celebrate Harry Potter like never before by sorting, discovering and assembling its wonderfulness.

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What do Puzzles do to our IQs?

Since Harry Potter puzzles improve our reasoning skills, vocabulary, concentration and memory, we can therefore say it improves our IQ scores. Studies have proved your IQ can be boosted by 4 points from doing puzzles for at least 30 minutes daily

Benefits of Harry Potter Puzzles

There are several benefits of Harry Potter Puzzles including improving of visual memory and concentration, motor skills, spatial orientation, mathematical logic, problem solving and so on.

  • They Improve Memory and Concentration. Harry Potter puzzles help in reinforcing the connections between the brain cells of players and form entirely new ones. Various researches carried out in the past have shown that theformation of new brain connections helps in reducing brain damage in Alzheimer’s patients. The puzzles are also good for people with strokes and other brain damage problems. Our memory is always used when trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle as we have to remember all the sizes, pieces and shapes in order to fit them in later. Hence, Harry Potter puzzles are a great way of improving short term memory.
  • They lower stress levels. Harry Potter puzzles might make us think, but they are also very relaxing. When solving puzzles, our minds are concentrated solely on finding pieces and completing it, this makes our brains to enter a meditative state. A brain in a meditative state is in a better mindset and leads to greater peace and perspective. Harry Potter puzzles enhance the production of a neurotransmitter called Dopamine that regulates concentration, mood and memory. It is released every time the puzzle is solved successfully.
  • They Improve Problem-Solving Skills. Puzzles are revolved around the concept of problem solving, the same thing goes with life on its own. Man is faced with various problems everyday and the ability to think critically and solve problems is essential in most life situations. Harry Potter puzzles help a lot in developing those skills. The puzzles require people to think critically, formulate and test theories, work by trial and error and also switch tracks if one is on the wrong track.
  • They Exercise Both Hemispheres of the Human Brain. The two sides of the human brain perform different functions. The right side of the human brain controls creativity while the left side controls logical and analytic thinking. When we work on puzzles, we fully engage both sides of the brain thereby giving it a mental workout.