Puzzle Boxes

Puzzle Boxes

A puzzle box is a way to hide and secure your treasures in a typically wooden box. It is opened by solving a simple puzzle or a series of puzzles.

Modern puzzle boxes are in the form of a DIY storage or jewelry box with secret and hidden compartments. They are decorative and are typically made from wood. They are usually rectangular in shape but can come in many shapes and sizes.

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History of Puzzle Boxes

Jigsaw puzzle boxes were developed in Victorian England in the 19th century as a form of entertainment but there are also very well known Japanese puzzle boxes. The Japanese puzzle boxes are also known as himitsu-bako and were a popular souvenir. The mountains in the Hakone region where they were made are known for their beautiful trees so this image was taken advantage of to mimic the colors and textures. Puzzle boxes are truly detailed and authentic in look. They are perfect for storage as they look good in the home and keep your little trinkets and treasures safe. Some come with extremely secret compartments for money, these are puzzle banks. It could be a fantastic gift because of how useful and aesthetic it is.

Solving a box brainteaser

Puzzles can be opened with actions such as sliding, moving, unlocking, twisting, lifting and pressing. It can be done in one easy move or a complex series of moves that really does pass the time. Some even have over 100 moves that need completing.

An experienced puzzler may love the idea of an intense, challenging task to put their minds to. The difficulty level can differ depending on how confident you feel as a puzzle player. They are for anyone who wants to test their skills or wants a super secret storage box. This allows kids, adults and teens to get their hands on one to challenge themselves.

Benefits of doing puzzles

Puzzles reinforce connections between brain cells which is proven to improve memory and mental speed. There is also proof that your mood can change dramatically causing you to distress by focusing on completing a puzzle, your brain’s production of dopamine is said to increase by doing one. This shows how good a puzzle is so one in the form of a box is easy to grab and try especially once you need to get that little something out of the box.

It is like an escape room in the form of a portable box. This means you can take the fun anywhere and challenge others around you as a little task. It doesn’t only pass the time and get your brain ticking but you can make it into a social game.

They are real brain teasers for the puzzle interests to see if they can crack the code and even if their peers can do the same. This puzzle box is very multipurpose. They can entertain, they can trick and test and they can add character and stylish decor to your home.