Best Puzzle Mats

Puzzle Mats

Jigsaw puzzle mats are versatile, lightweight interlocking mats with the purpose to form a large area indoors and outdoors for the purpose of children’s playtime.

An essential playtime accessory that every parent, teacher or guardian should have.

The puzzle mat tends to be bright and colorful to light up the space they fill. Not only are they fun but they have an educational purpose, as the majority of puzzle mats have alphabet letters or numbers on their surface to help children learn along the way. Some may even include pop out letters or shapes in their foam jigsaw pieces to make it even more interactive.

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Puzzle mat helps child development

Research has also shown that early identification of colors will help create cognitive links between visuals and words and deepening the understanding of colors and shades. As well as a range of colors being extremely exciting and very aesthetic.

Safety is extremely important so they are designed to keep children safe during play time. It is ideal for creating an indoor playground with all the fun included. The children can jump, tumble without getting hurt.

The reason they are extremely safe is because these non slip pads are soft, cushioned, durable and made from foam so ideal for protecting a fall. There’s no need to rely on the not so reliable surface of the floor.

Jigsaw puzzle mats that are sold in stores or online undergo specific safety checks to ensure they fulfil their purpose. The EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam is commonly used and manufactured with child safety and hygiene at the forefront. Piecing the pads together can also develop a child’s hand and wrist movement as well as improving hand-eye coordination.

Play safe on any floor surface

It is assured they are ideal for all floor surfaces including carpet, tiles and hardwood. Firstly, they simply pop together to a custom size so if there is a need for a smaller area this is achievable as you can put these pieces together as you desire. If a larger area is needed to be covered, buying multiple packs is a great idea for adding onto the existing mat. Jigsaw puzzle mats can vary in sizes, dimensions and pieces. Secondly, they are not only targeted towards children of all ages but they can also be useful for babies. The jigsaw pieces of the mat keeps baby insulated from the cold flooring.

They tend to come in a zipped bag so they are easy to transport out and about and to whichever room or area desired. Most importantly, mats are easy to put away as they simply slot out of each other once the fun is over, to put back into this useful bag.

Putting down this puzzle mat can define playtime, making kids aware that this is their time to get creative and have fun. Making their eyes light up every time their playground is constructed.

Puzzle mats help parents give their children a comfortable, safe and cheerful playing environment. Mats are not only practical and versatile but they are colorful, bright and a bundle of fun for everyone.